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'Girl online' - Zoe Sugg

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Girl online - Zoe Sugg

This is a review of  'Girl Online' by Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella).

Before we get started i would just like to say that these are just my own views an opinions and if you feel differently then that is absolutely fine.
what you are about to read could contain spoilers so please read at your own risk.
'Girl Online' is a YA Contemporary/Romance/Drama novel about a girl named Penny Porter a 15 year old anonymous blogger who goes by the online persona 'Girl Online'.
The book follows Penny on her online journey and as the story progresses we see how penny deals with her blog going viral and what happens when people learn the true identity of 'Girl Online.

Penny Porter works part time in her mums bridal shop, helping out wherever and whenever she can.
Penny scores her mum a planning job, which means travelling to new York for Christmas. The only problem, Penny is terrified of flying or driving for that matter, she is worried that her anxiety might stop her having the time of her life but with the help of her best friend Elliot and national pop star Noah Flyn, she learns to over come some of her biggest fears. Noah and Penny meet at the venue of the wedding and instantly hit it off, throughout the story Noah and Penny's feelings for one another grow apparent and Elliott and Penny's friendship grows distant.
Author ; Zoe Sugg.
(All Rights go to Zoe Sugg and her team)
You should definatley read this book to find out what Penny does to get her best friend back and how Noah and her deal with a long distance relationship.

'Girl Online' for me was east-to-read and gripping, i love a good contemporary to snuggle up with under a blanket with a mug of hot cocoa on a winters night and 'Girl Online' is just perfect for that.
it was a tale of first love and friendships and because of that i feel that it is quite educational particularly for teens and young adults who may be just beginning to experience these things.
'Girl Online' also explores mental health issues such as anxiety and the impact that it can have on a young person.
it is a very relatable story especially the teenage audience for these reasons.
i feel that mental health is not something talked about too much in this day and age and it is something that a lot of young people tend to be more secretive about. i think that 'Girl Online' could be that bit of motivation that people might need in order to be more open about the topic, especially since it is coming from someone who has a voice to a large number of people who might be experiencing something similar.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Girl Online' and for that and everything else stated above i give it a solid 5/5 stars.

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Disclaimer: Any photos used within this review belong to Zoe Sugg and nowhere do i claim to own anything. this is just purely me sharing my thoughts about the book, if it is helpful to anyone in anyway then i am glad that it could be of use to you.

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