Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Bullet Journaling.

Hello eveyone.


Welcome to the first post all about 'bullet journaling'.
Bullet journaling is an easy and fun way to stay organised and express your creativity all at the same time.
Over the past couple of years this is something that a lot of people have taken to and is definitely something that I myself love to do.

Here are 7 examples of what bullet journal spreads and pages might look like.

1. This is a beautiful front page by @amandarachlee on instagram ,it is astronomy themed and she has even hand draw some of the constellations.  

2. This is an example of a stunning monthly spread. This is a more feminine monthly setup , it used purple,pink and blue colours and lots of curly and floral design. 
This image was found on google so I can't give a name for the owner of it but all credit goes directly to them. 

3. consisting of lots of Aztec inspired designs this is an example of an inspiration page,full of different page dividers in specific. By @wendywander7 on Instagram.

4. This next example is a self help page designed by @bujo.casio on Instagram.
It has a cute illustration of a chick and note how it is much more basic than any of the others. Sometimes simple works best. 

5. Full of colour and a mash up of different font styles, the next picture is an example of a quote page. This one is pretty self explanatory and is usually a page where you can go wild with your creativity. Again I found this one on google but all credit goes to the owner of it.

6. Here is an example of a to-do page. This one displays a list of things To-Do in London. 
I think the drawing of London with the page title makes this one extra special. By @journalspiration on Instagram. 

7. And finally a flawless example of a weekly spread. You can see how this one goes into much more detail than the monthly spread but the colour choice still keeps it fairly basic. I love how there is a place for things such as meal planning ,notes and goals for the week.
Again I found this on google, all credit goes to the owner. 

And that's all for this post folks. 
I really hope you liked it. 
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Also if you would like to see more posts similar to this one, mabybe 'What a successful bullet journal should include' , where I could go through the basics of bullet journaling be sure to let me know.
I love you all so much. 

Life.Love.Literature xxx

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